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What we are looking for

We believe in innovation and partnerships. In our experience, the two go together very well when three prerequisites meet: overlapping topics, cultural fit and a certain degree of maturity. Thematically, we are looking for innovative ideas and solutions that complement our own expertise in one of the following areas.

Why should you submit?
We offer you a fast track directly into our organization through a strong network that we have built throughout many years. You will have a personal advisor who will introduce you to relevant Bosch contacts in order to establish meaningful partnerships.

  • Dynamic Internal Network
  • Transparency
  • Personal Advisor
  • Cross Divisional Purposes

Dynamic Internal Network

You could spend hours to find the right contact on social media and on doing cold calls - or you just make use of our strong network.

We spent years to set up a strong internal network that is routed deeply in every single Bosch department and is constantly growing. Thus, it allows for fast tracks directly to those people for whom your solution will create the biggest impact.


We aim for full transparency and want you to know exactly in which stage your proposal is currently in at any time. Please find a brief process description and the corresponding timeline at the bottom of the page.

Personal Advisor

After your submission has been validated and you received a positive answer from us (within approximately two weeks) you will have one dedicated contact person who is your direct link to Bosch. Your Personal Advisor will identify matching contacts for you and will help you during the entire process - e.g. if you should not be able to get ahead at one point.

Cross Divisional Purposes

Does your proposal seem to be relevant only for one specific use case? We will spread your proposal across our network in a targeted way to identify other less obvious areas of application within Bosch and introduce you to the most promising contacts. There is no need to search on your own for relevant Bosch contacts - simply rely on our experts and our solid network.

Present your solution

Do you have an innovative product, a patent or a solution that you want to drive forward together with Bosch? Then submit now and present it to us! Do you want to know what happens after your submission? Just scroll down to get an impression of a typical workflow.

01 Initial Check
01 Initial Check

Once you have submitted your proposal using the Submit now!- button, it will be reviewed by our experts. Regularly after two weeks, you will receive feedback from us as to whether your proposal seems to be interesting for a potential application and whether we would like to enter into more in-depth discussions with you.

The more precisely you present your topic, the higher the chance that we see potential for Bosch in it.

Week Two

02 Expert Deep Dives
02 Expert Deep Dives

When we see potential for a cooperation, we not only talk to the directly fitting accounts but also use our strong internal network to talk to Bosch experts from different areas about your proposal. This may sound arbitrary at first, but we have often experienced that cooperation potentials open up in places where nobody would expect them. From this point on, you will have a personal advisor at your side who will accompany you throughout the entire cooperation period and provide you with targeted assistance.

Week Four

03 Match Making
03 Match Making

After we have thoroughly evaluated the potential for cooperation in our expert deep dives and identified suitable areas of application, your personal advisor will organize appointments with the most promising opportunities. Your personal advisor will also support you in the meeting preparation and further discussions, if necessary.

Thus, in most cases, within approximately six weeks after your submission we will have arranged meetings for you with the most relevant experts and you will have the chance to convince them personally.

Week Six

04 Facilitate Collaboration
04 Facilitate Collaboration

As soon as there are concrete collaboration opportunities, it is good to have someone at your side who knows the company and the processes. In this phase your personal advisor will continuously be at your side to facilitate the collaboration between you and your Bosch partner with taking the necessary tasks to reach your common goal quickly.

This applies in particular to legal and purchasing issues such as a cross-company non-disclosure agreement or a supplier whitelisting.

Week Eight


To access the web-form for your application you need a non-mobile device. A sticky button in the upper right corner will appear as soon as you load this website on eg. a Desktop-PC or Notebook.